Space. It’s vast, and, as far as we know, never-ending. Because of this, it technically means that we will always have something new to learn. However, that doesn’t mean that we haven’t learned a great deal already. In fact, we technically know more about our solar system than we do our own oceans. With that being said, I simply wanted to highlight a few fun and interesting facts about outer space.

Mount Everest Isn’t So Tall

Since grade school, you’ve probably been told that the tallest mountain in existence is Mount Everest. And standing at 29,029 feet it is most certainly the tallest point on Earth, however, it isn’t necessarily the tallest mountain in the solar system. Believe it or not, but Mars is home to the solar system’s tallest mountain. Dubbed Olympus Mons, the volcanic shield stands at almost 70,000 feet tall. Olympus Mons is an absolute wonder.

Mars Will Finally Get Engaged

Currently, the only planet in our solar system that boasts a ring is Saturn. That will more than likely change. Mars’ moon, Phobos, will eventually be ripped apart from the gravitational force it endures, and the leftover debris will form a ring around the Red Planet. And it will only take approximately 20-40 million years.

Venus Is Boiling Hot

Considering its proximity to the Sun, this may come as no surprise, but Venus is hot. In fact, the planet has a temperature of over 800 degrees Fahrenheit. And its distance from the Sun isn’t the only reason the planet is so hot. Because Venus doesn’t spin on its axis, it has no seasons, so there is only one season: Summer. Additionally, the planet’s dense atmosphere traps a great deal of carbon dioxide, creating an exaggerated greenhouse effect.

Days On Venus Are Very Long

A day on Earth lasts 24 hours. There are 365 days in an entire year. We are all taught this very early on in our lives and it’s become second nature to us. It’s fact. For Venus, days are very different. One day on Venus equates to 117 days on Earth. That means you’d have to spend 2,808 hours on the surface of Venus just to have experienced on whole day.