Everyone that vacations on the Amalfi Coast heads there for the beaches which are known around the world for their beauty and dramatic views. Because of the geology of this section of coast, there are dozens of beaches cut off from each other by cliffs and rock formations.


Some of the best beaches to visit on the Amalfi Coast include those that have fewer crowds, have incredible views, and offer convenient accommodations.


Marina Grande Beach, Amalfi

Tourists to the area need to visit Marina Grande Beach at least once during their visit to the Amalfi Coast. Its harbor is central and the beach is part of the everyday goings-on

 in town. This does mean that the beach is constantly packed and busy, but the buzz, views, and restaurants around the beachfront make this a top beach destination.


Maiori Beach, Maori

Mairoi’s beach is the longest of all the beaches on this stretch of coastline at nearly a kilometer long. Families love this beach for its shallow, sandy water and choice of hotels and accommodations. The lack of cliffs also means more sunlight, which is perfect for sunbathing the blues away.


Cetara Beach, Cetara

The sleepy town of Cetara has a public beach all of its own that’s straight out of a picture book. The protected coastline here means both shallow and calm water perfect for wading or exploring the underwater ecosystem. Locals outnumber tourists and fisherman’s boats outnumber sunbathers, but everyone shares the beach here.


La Praia Beach, Praiano

The dramatic views of La Praia Beach alone make it worth the trip down. Set between two tall cliffs, it almost feels like you stumbled upon a secret cove, but the beach is well known and well established too. Getting here requires some effort, and sand is limited, but if you are touring the Amalfi Coast this should be on your list.


Arienzo Beach, Positano

Though not the easiest to access the beach in Positano, Arienzo is the most dramatic and quintessentially Italian. To get to this beach you’ll need to descend several hundred stairs to a beach that looks like it falls into the sea. Once you reach the sand though, it can feel like you are cut off from the rest of the world.