The ability to quickly fly to any destination in the world is a huge convenience, but air travel can still be a very frustrating experience. In addition to having to worry about the airline taking good care of your belongings, there is also the risk that they will overbook the flight. Overbooking seems like something that is easily avoidable with modern technology, but it actually happens quite often. This forces the airline to remove several passengers from their scheduled flight. These are the four things you must do after getting bumped from your flight.

Demand a Confirmed Seat

There is a very good chance that the airline will try to put you on standby on the next flight to your destination. Standby seats rarely get added to the flight, so you will likely have to wait even longer before continuing your travels. The frustration caused by this delay can easily be avoided by demanding a confirmed seat on an upcoming flight.

Get Proper Compensation

There is a very good chance you are entitled to compensation after getting bumped from a flight. The exact amount of compensation will be determined by the length of the travel delay. The delay must be at least one hour for you to be eligible for any compensation. If the delay lasts for several hours, then you can potentially receive more than $1,000 for your troubles. Make sure to get this compensation before leaving the airport.

Make Sure to Get Cash

The airline will likely try to offer travel vouchers as a form of compensation. The biggest problem with these vouchers is that they come with a lot of blackout dates that restrict travel. They also come with very short expiration dates. Do not let the airline control your upcoming travel plans by demanding a cash payment.

Enhance the Delay

If you are going to be stuck at the airport for a few extra hours, then you might as well make the most of the experience. Try to get some food and drink vouchers. This will allow you to relax and enjoy a good meal before the next flight. If the airline has a private lounge area in the airport, then you should also be able to get a free guest pass.