A few months back I’d written a blog that highlighted several of Hersheypark’s greatest rides. As I mentioned in that blog, the park boasts far too many great rides to stuff into one single blog. With that being said, I figured I would highlight a few more of Hersheypark’s fantastic rides.


Laff Trakk

When you think of a thrilling roller coaster, you usually envision dizzyingly high coaster tracks out in the wide open outdoors, right? Laff Trakk takes this concept and alters it in order to create a unique, one-of-a-kind experience. Located entirely indoors, Laff Trakk takes riders on a zany ride through a carnival-themed track full of twists and turns at blood-chilling speeds. Boasting a variety of colorful characters, wild sound effects and an entrancing glow effect, Laff Trakk is certain to leave you breathless.



Most people fear the terrifying drop of a rollercoaster, but Fahrenheit’s real terror lies in its ascension. Don’t get me wrong, Fahrenheit’s drop measures in at about 120 feet at break-neck speeds, so it’s still plenty terrifying. But what is sure to really send riders over the edge (no pun intended) is the 90-degree lift. That’s right, on Fahrenheit, you’ll be hoisted 121 feet in the air at a complete 90-degree angle. As you slowly rise to the top of the lift on your back, you’ll have no clue how close you are to the top until it’s too late! It’s an incredibly thrilling ride for the daredevil in all of us.


Lightning Racer

One of the park’s oldest and most beloved rides, Lightning Racer boasts the record of being the country’s first wooden dueling coaster. With a track made of Southern Yellow Pine Wood and two staggered lifts, Lightning Racer is sure to bring out the competitor in you. Challenge your friends and family to the ultimate test of speed. But the true beauty of Lightning Racer is the simple fact that no two rides are ever the same!

Hersheypark is steeped in history and offers some of the country’s most unique and beloved amusement park experiences. Even two blogs aren’t enough to provide all of the best rides that the park has to offer! Keep an eye out for another installment.