Detroit is a great place to live because it is filled with some of the country’s best attractions, but it is also nice to get out and see something new. There is just something exciting about exploring a new city. Luckily, Detroit is only a short drive from several interesting destinations. These are the four best places to visit on a day trip from Detroit.

Grand Rapids

If you like the thought of exploring a big city but want to get away from home for the day, then Grand Rapids is the perfect destination for your day trip. It will only take a little over two hours to drive to Michigan’s second largest city from Detroit. The Grand Rapids Art Museum, John Ball Zoo and Meijer Gardens & Sculpture Park are a few of the top attractions in the city. Grand Rapids is also one of the best craft beer cities in the country.


After a short one hour drive, you can arrive in the beautiful city of Toledo, Ohio. Just like Detroit, Toledo has undergone a major renaissance in recent years. The city has been completely transformed into a hotbed of amazing cultural attractions. A few of the must-see spots in Toledo are the Glass Pavilion, Imagination Station and National Museum of the Great Lakes. Make sure to grab a meal at one of the thriving contemporary restaurants in the downtown entertainment district.


Everyone living in Detroit needs to have a passport because the city is so close to the Canadian border. One of Canada’ top destinations is only two miles from Detroit. Just hop in the car and cross the Detroit River on the Ambassador Bridge to arrive in Windsor. The city is so beautiful that you should spend most of your time exploring one of the local parks, nature centers or conservation areas.


It is hard to beat living in a big city, but it is also nice to occasionally get away from the large crowds. If you want to have a great time in a small town, then you should take the 30-minute drive to visit Birmingham, Michigan. The city is filled with charming shops, art galleries and cafes. It is also the home of the Michigan Sports Hall of Fame.