Although our planet isn’t the largest in the universe, or even our own solar system, it still manages to house several gorgeous features. Sweeping vistas, wide open seas and vibrantly colored animals and plants are scattered all throughout this gorgeous planet. And I believe that, if you are capable of doing so, you should enjoy and experience as much of it as possible.

One of our planet’s greatest features is its seasonal changes. Winter, spring, fall and summer all have their own pros and cons. Now that the fall has taken the stage, I figured that I would highlight a few of the best places to travel to during the autumn months.

Coast of Maine

There are few states in the country whose best time of year is the fall. But Maine is one of those few. This time of year allows for a bevy of activities and sightseeing. Maine’s coasts, although chilly, are still host to some of the most gorgeous whales you will ever encounter. You could venture on a windjammer cruise and view all of Maine’s coastal beauty, including its lighthouses. You could also make a trip to Acadia National Park and enjoy the network of trails on horseback. In short, Maine is a prime location to visit during the fall.


With three-quarters of the state covered in forests, Vermont is certainly the place to be during the fall. Well known for its ability to turn green leaves brown, yellow, orange and red, the fall’s beauty factor is dialed up even higher in Vermont.There isn’t a single road or trail that isn’t adorned in hundreds of leaves. It’s truly a sight to behold. The state is also rife with festivals and events that are all designed to make the most of the season.


Another state full of forests and dazzling leaves all vying for your attention, Maryland offers many of the perks that Vermont does. You can explore the wilderness by hiking or biking near the C&O Canal National Historic Park; or visit the breathtaking Elk Neck State Park and bask in the area’s sandy beaches and colorful forests; or, go on a good old-fashioned foliage watch and take in the state’s beautiful scenic vistas of yellow, red and orange leaves.

There’s always somewhere to go, something to see and something to do. You just have to know where to look. Hopefully this list of locations will inspire you to get moving this fall!