Items for travelers that save space, reduce weight and alleviate anxieties are easily available. You can buy these items at your local grocery store, at big-name chains or even at the airport just before your flight. Here are just a few examples of travel-sized items that you can buy virtually anywhere.

1. Foam hair rollers

These inexpensive, flexible and comfortable rollers can be used at night as the traveler sleeps. In the morning, the rollers provide hair with ready-to-go volume and style, saving time and no worry about converters for outlets.

2. Travel-sized hairdryer

A small hairdryer, made to accommodate either U.S. or foreign outlets, folds in half to fit easily into a purse or a suitcase.

3. Small makeup trays that stack together into one container to fit into a purse

For those whose skin is sensitive to many products, this stack is hypo-allergic. The trays contain essentials such as lip and cheek color, bronzer, concealer and eyeshadow.

4. A tiny umbrella that fits easily in a purse or bag

Because the weather is unpredictable wherever one travels, an umbrella is essential. Small, inexpensive ones are made to fit inside bags.

5. A collapsible water bottle

This bottle can be pushed at the top and reduced to the size acceptable to the TSA.

6. Batiste dry shampoo in a mini-bottle

Anyone with oily hair appreciates this product’s value as it cleans and adds volume when shampooing is not possible.

7. A miniature bottle of wrinkle-reducing spray.

This product also freshens clothing.

8. A small first-aid kit

This kit contains antiseptic wipes, sting relief, antibiotic ointment, and adhesive and other types of bandages are among the essentials.

9. A finger-sized bottle of Tylenol

This small bottle can go anywhere and prevent suffering through a headache.

10. Two folding toothbrushes in a ventilated case

Space-saving and convenient, the two brushes assure that the traveler has a spare.

11. Anti-chafing balm

This product relieves chaffing on hikers’ legs, and it also is a first-rate blister block on feet.

12. A mini-hairbrush

With a plastic case to prevent hairs from straying elsewhere, this brush fits into the last corner of a purse or bag.

13.An adapter cube

With this cube, the traveler can be worry-free about outlets overseas.

14. A package of laundry soap sheets

A real boon to hand-washing items, these sheets provide the traveler with the right amount of soap.

15. A shampoo bar

This item can be taken without worry because it is not subject to the TSA liquid rule.