Winter is almost over! We have roughly one month left before we can expect some warmer weather. Warmer weather typically results in more travel, especially during spring break. And if you’re going to be doing some overseas travel, you may want to learn as much as you can about where you are going, what you’ll be doing and what you need to bring. As someone who enjoys traveling a great deal, I’ve decided to compile a list of a few tips and tricks that you may want to use for your next trip abroad.


Travel Insurance

I get it, you’re far too busy looking up fun things to do and great places to eat. You can’t be bothered with travel insurance, especially considering how much money you’re already spending. However, traveling (especially abroad) can sometimes be a large risk. You are exposing yourself to a new place that, regardless of how many photos, videos and travel guides you’ve caught up on, can always throw the unexpected at you. It is best to be as prepared as possible. By getting travel insurance, you are ensuring that you are covered in the event of a medical or non-medical emergency. If something were to happen and you didn’t have insurance, it could cost an exorbitant amount of money out of your pocket.


Visit The Tourist Office

With the wonders of the Internet, most people feel that a quick Google search can reveal any and all information. While Google provides wonders, it still cannot provide everything, especially for overseas countries. This is precisely why you should utilize the country’s local tourism office. These handy little offices provide information on local events, activities, and even some insider information on how to best spend your day and money.


Avoid Airport Currency Exchanges

Money makes the world go round, and you’ll need a decent amount of it if you want to make the best of your trip. Unfortunately, the rest of the world doesn’t exactly run on US currency, so you’ll have to exchange it for that country’s form of currency. If you can, avoid airport currency exchanges as they have the absolute worst exchange rates. The best way to exchange your currency is to use an ATM or a credit card.


Traveling abroad is meant to be fun and worry-free, so try to utilize these tips as much as possible to avoid adding any stress. Good luck and be safe.