Riding along the Pacific Coast Highway is a sure fire way to ensure that families will create a memorable road trip. Peering out across the Pacific Ocean is not the only sites to behold along the way though. Traveling down the Pacific Coast Highway requires that you take the time to stop and see some of the West Coasts most beautiful sites. This article highlights several pit stops that one must take while venturing along the Pacific Coast Highway.

When finding yourself in the San Francisco area be sure to take the time to stop and visit the Muir Woods. Otherwise known as the Redwood Forest, the Muir Woods are home to some of the oldest and tallest trees around. Venture down one of the many trails with breathtaking views of the tree canopies above. This is a once in a lifetime experience.

After a long day of driving down the highway, make a pit stop at Carmel Valley Ranch. The Carmel Valley Ranch boasts a one of a kind spa that relieves people from all their daily stress and worries. Take the time to be treated to their Ranch Restorative package which is a head to toe massage that goes for 50 minutes.

After all that driving take the time to be treated to a one of a kind dining experience with a view! Nepenthe is a restaurant that sits along Big Sur on the Pacific Coast Highway. The views from the tree house perch where diners go to have a delicious meal cannot be beat. They offer a variety of dining options from gluten free and even vegan dishes.

As if the Big Sur dining experience was not enough, Malibu offers it’s own dining accommodations that is sure to put a smile across anyone’s face. Enjoy a beachfront dining experience at Malibu Farm that offers all day dining options. Situated on a vacant pier that is now transformed into a truly unique dining experience, be sure to call and make reservations.

The Pacific Coast Highway has much to offer those who are making a road trip down the golden coast. Each of these pit stops provides families the opportunities to create memories that will last a life time.