Every avid traveler knows that Switzerland is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. Walking around the entire country feels like you have entered a fairy tale. One of the places everyone must see while visiting Switzerland is Vevey. This small town on Lake Geneva is the perfect spot to enjoy the pleasures of Switzerland without being overrun by tourists. These are the four best things to do while visiting Vevey, Switzerland.

Swiss Camera Museum

Anyone that has a slight interest in photography must visit the Swiss Camera Museum. There are six permanent exhibits on display that cover the entire history of photography. You will get to see how photos were made nearly 100 years ago while also learning about current advancements in digital photography. The museum’s prized possessions are the antique cameras that are some of the oldest in the world.


It may be a relatively small town, but Vevey is the home of world-renowned food company Nestle. You will be able to learn all about the creation and history of this huge company at Nest. The museum is the home to several fun interactive exhibits and an amazing gourmet cafe. If you are not ready for a full meal, then you can always grab a delicious Nestle snack in the gift shop before leaving.

The Fork of Vevey

The Fork of Vevey is simply one of the most unique landmarks in the entire world. This makes it the perfect place to get a fun photo. This giant 26-foot steel fork is located a few feet off the shore of Lake Geneva. The Fork of Vevey was originally created as a temporary attraction to celebrate the town’s rich history in the food industry, but it was so popular that the residents demanded it stay permanently.

Chaplin’s World

Legendary comedian Charlie Chaplin called Vevey, Switzerland, his home for the last 24 years of his life. The iconic career of Charlie Chaplin is celebrated every day at Chaplin’s World. The museum is located on the grounds of Chaplin’s final residence. In addition to walking through Chaplin’s actual house, there are dozens of unique exhibits that make you feel like you are in one of the beloved actor’s films.