Cleveland is a treasure trove of things to do. Many people don’t realize that this truly is the city that has it all. Here are 10 random facts about Cleveland that may surprise you.


There Are Plenty Of Water Activities To Enjoy

Cleveland is home to many beaches and lakes. They include Lake Erie or the massive 2,400 foot Edgewater Beach.


Cleveland Is Home To The Country’s Biggest Slovenian Population

Slovenians started calling this area home back in the 1800s. Today, there are well over 50,000 inhabitants.


You Won’t Have Trouble Finding Breweries

Between Cleveland and Greater Cleveland, you can find close to 100 breweries here. Only three other cities in the United States have more breweries than Cleveland.


Outside Of NYC, Cleveland Has The Biggest Performing Arts Center In The Country

Cleveland is home to Playhouse Square. It’s claim to fame besides the high-quality shows that take place here each year, is the 8,000-pound chandeliers that are located here.


There Are More Art And Culture Per Square Mile Here Than Anywhere Else

Some of the most popular museums in this city include the Cleveland Museum of Natural History and the Cleveland Museum Of Art. Many of these museums are within walking distance of each other.


It’s Relatively Small

Cleveland sometimes feels larger than it is because there’s just so much to do here. It only has a population of about 383,000 as compared to Columbus that has over 870,000 people.


There Are Quite A Few Downtown Sports Arenas

These include Progressive Field and the FirstEnergy Stadium. They draw in millions of tourists each year.


It’s Home To One Of The Best Orchestras In The World

Back in 1918, the Cleveland Orchestra was founded here. Today, numerous performances still take place at it throughout the year.


The Hot Dogs Are Incredible

Cleveland is known for its hot dogs such as The Polish Boy dog. It features a kielbasa that’s been topped with french fries and either hot sauce or barbecue sauce and a large helping of coleslaw.


A Beloved Movie Was Filmed Here

Parts of the movie, “A Christmas Story” was actually filmed right in Cleveland. The house that was featured in the movie is now a museum, and it features the famous BB gun and Randy’s snowsuit.