In 2019, explore familiar and new destinations around the world. These 7 great places to travel in 2019 combine amazing natural sights, architectural marvels, incredible food, and quality lodging. Take the time to explore a different place this year and enjoy all that the world has to offer.


With a new liberal government, Armenia is ready to welcome visitors from around the world. Experience its amazing medieval history and gorgeous mountain views. New restaurants and hotels are opening to bring visitors a luxurious experience.


The country is experiencing a resurgence as new hotels and restaurants are built. A new high-speed train will help visitors get from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem in half an hour. Tel Aviv is working to preserve its unique architectural landscape as well as encouraging new growth. The amazing religious history of Israel appeals to people of all backgrounds.

Dordogne, France

In Southwestern France, this region boasts amazing castles as well as fine restaurants and hotels. Visitors enjoy kayaking and golf. Dordogne is a popular area but has not been overrun with tourists.

Kansas City, Missouri

New urban development makes this Midwestern city an exciting new destination. The traditional barbecue and jazz remain the main attractions, but there are many updated dining and lodging options in the city. New museums like the American Jazz Museum are beginning to attract crowds.


Belize is an English-speaking country in Central America. It has an incredible wealth of natural landscapes including jungles and reefs. Historical Mayan ruins make this a tempting visit for the amateur archaeologist.


Egypt is opening a stunning new historical museum in 2019. Cairo has become a safer place to visit thanks to increasing political stability. The mix of ancient and modern will appeal to travelers of all ages.

South Walton County, Florida

This gorgeous natural area in Northwest Florida boasts an underwater art museum. Protected species like sea turtles and dolphins attract visitors. The beach communities offer unique restaurants and hotels.

Explore the World

Take the time to go off the beaten path and explore these exciting destinations this year. Traveling around the United States and around the world will expand your horizons and bring you lasting memories.