Beach lovers have a wide range of exciting beach locations to visit across the globe. Thanks to the global development and expansion of tourism, beaches have become a major point of economic income and are thus supported and maintained by governments. When thinking of places to go and relax, a few beaches stand out.

The Grand Anse in Grenada

The Grand Anse comes out as one of the most beautiful beaches in Grenada. The two miles long beachfront exposes tourists to the milky white soft sun that is not only aesthetic but also fulfilling to walk on. In addition, tourists get to engage in offshore and onshore thrilling activities, including snorkeling and water taxi riding.


The Pink Sand Beach in Barbuda

The Pink Sand Beach in Barbuda is a rarely crowded beach in the Caribbean. This beachfront is quite favorable for individuals who have a particular taste for privacy. The eight-mile open space often glows pink under the afternoon sun, a true scenic and exciting sight to behold.


Fakarava in French Polynesia

Fakarava in French Polynesia happens to be one of the best beaches famously known for snorkeling activities. The consistently warm water of the beach makes it a safe haven for rare fish species, incredible corals, and sharks, which often keep a safe distance from the shore.


The Seagrass Bay in Laucala Island, Fiji

The Seagrass Bay in Fiji is known to be a tropical jungle fronting the ocean. It is famous for guided horseback or walking tours where one gets an opportunity to sample out some of Fiji’s rarest species of birds. Besides being pretty, the Seagrass Bay is quiet adventurous and beaming with life, both onshore and offshore. Tourists also get an opportunity to venture deep into the island for some private space of exploration.


The Fulong Island beach in Taiwan

The Fulong Island beach, located in the remote western islands of Taiwan, is particularly famous for its uniqueness. The barely 15-minute walk island provides a scenic break to the surrounding ocean water, which also happens to be laden with thousands of rare species of sea life. Visiting the beach offers one a rare opportunity to stay and camp overnight for a rather exciting and rarely-found-elsewhere experience. The sandy beach is also perfect for sunbathing and is frequented by tourists from across the globe.