With the holiday season fast approaching, many people are in the process of planning trips to visit relatives to live in another part of the nation or world. In such instances, plane travel will be necessary. That said, knowing specific tricks regarding purchasing airline tickets could save prospective travelers a significant amount of money. This task may be accomplished by adhering to the following practices:

Purchase Tickets As Early As Possible

In early fall, many people are still recovering from summer and holiday travel plans are the furthest thing from their minds. That said, purchasing tickets as early as possible might enable those who execute such action to save money. The American Automobile Association (AAA_, an agency that studies travel habits of people throughout North America, has discovered that many airlines begin to offer favorable fares between late September and late October.

Wait Until The Last Minute

This is not always the best policy. The Thanksgiving and Christmas seasons are amongst the busiest travel periods of the calendar year. With so many people traveling at this time, it is not surprising that seat availability on many flights will be significantly limited. That said, the reduced number of seats that might be available to last second planners might be at greatly reduced rates.

Travel On Holiday Days

Individuals who travel on specific holiday dates such as Thanksgiving Day, December 25 (Christmas Day) and January 1 (New Year’s Day) might find cheaper fares. The vast majority of holiday travelers aim to arrive in the days leading up to the major holidays. Therefore, the demand for flights departing on specific holiday dates may be reduced. Ergo, to turn some kind of profit, airlines might significantly reduced ticket prices at such times.

Travel At Off-Peak Hours

In certain instances, airlines might charge reduced rates for flights that depart at off-peak hours. Very early morning departures and late or overnight (red eye) flights are not favored by many travelers. Ergo, airlines might offer these tickets at reduced rates.

Take A Connecting Flight

Some airlines offer cheaper fares for flights that make one or more stops before reaching their final destination. Again, many travelers find connecting flights a hassle and shy away from booking those tickets. In turn, airlines may lower the prices of such tickets as a means of turning profit.