Street food has become a mainstay for food-loving tourists everywhere, and there are a lot of suggestions on where to find the best of it. For someone that loves to indulge in mouth-watering deliciousness, having access to authentic and affordable foodstuffs without ever leaving the sidewalk is heaven on earth. Here are just a few world favorites from across the globe.

Mexico City’s Al Pastor Tacos

Street food is nearly synonymous with tacos. And what better place to get tacos then Mexico City? The thriving metropolis is home to countless types of street food, but a trip there would be remiss if you didn’t indulge in tacos, specifically the al pastor variety.

Al pastor is believed to have been introduced by Mexico’s Lebanese immigrants. It’s essentially a massive hunk of smoky marinated meat that’s cooked on a spinning spit called a trompo. Once cooked and dripping with flavor, the meat is sliced from the trompo and spread onto corn tortillas with onions, cilantro, and other toppings. It’s a delicious meal you won’t soon forget.

Bangkok’s Oyster Omelet

Thailand boasts some of the cheapest and most tasty street food in the world. So it’s no surprise it’s second on this list. While most foodies would be on the lookout for pad thai or curry, you should exercise your adventurous spirit and find a delicious oyster omelet in the heart of Bangkok.

This omelet is greasy but phenomenal, stuffed with salty oysters or mussels, and it comes in two versions: Hoy tod, which is a crispy fried version, or in the style of or suan, like a good old-fashioned omelet.

Sydney’s Meat Pies

Sydney’s street food appeals to the veritable carnivore in us all. Smoky sausages and flaky meat pies can be found on nearly every corner. Try the meat pies in one of the many delicious gourmet restaurants with a side of mashed potatoes and gravy, or grab one off the street and eat it on the go. You’ll forget all about the giant insects.

Portland’s Food Trucks

Food truck culture has exploded in the last 10 years, and at its epicenter stands Portland. These food trucks, even though they’re called trucks, can usually be found stationary, grouped around major marketplaces. There are so many mouth-watering options to choose from that it’s impossible to single any one of them out. It’s best you go with a very empty stomach.